Notes for Discommunication Seireihen chapter 8

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Page 34-35

The title of this chapter literally means "rebirth," but in the context of the plot, it also translates to "reincarnation." There are two pachinko boards at about the centerline of the image; the left one features Henshin Ninja Arashi (youtube) and the right one features Inazuman. The drum-playing clown at the bottom right is the Kuidaore Ningyo, an Osaka landmark; however the restaurant it was associated with has closed, so its future is uncertain. The television is showing an image patterned after the Ultra Seven opening. The board with the triangle has some I Ching stuff on it, as well as the Chinese zodiac, so it's got something to do with divination.

Page 37

The board says "July 12 (Tues) schoolwide sketch event."

Page 41

The Jōmon period (14,000-300 BCE) was an early period of japanese prehistory. Some of the clay figures (dōgu) can be seen here and elsewhere.

Page 47

The shijin are a fairly common occurence in anime and manga.

Page 48

I'm not sure any of this occult stuff makes sense, but that's the beauty of it. Here's some more about the Takamatsu-zuka burial mound.

Page 52

Bullton (Four-Dimensional Monster Bullton) is a monster from the Ultraman franchise.

Page 53

I can't find any information about the "Kegyaaru" thing in the second panel, but it does appear to be real. After searching without misspelling it, I've learned a little bit about this "Kekyaaru" thing. It's a manga by Imiri Sakabashira, who was inspired, quoth the Japanese Wikipedia, to become a mangaka after reading Yoshiharu Tsuge's "Screw Style." His work has appeared in the avant-garde magazines Garo and Ax, as well as in Afternoon. The article describes his work as being surreal, like visiting a foreign country or being within a dream. Drawn & Quarterly has recently published his work The Box Man in the U.S.

I'm going to try to track down "Kekyaaru" because it sounds totally awesome: a one-eyed cat company president on the lam in India, running away from bill collectors, having car chases, fighting aliens...

Page 60

In case it isn't clear, Touko is reading the issue of Afternoon that this chapter originally ran in.

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